Thursday, June 28, 2012

O&M efficiency indicator - Salima example

An inventory on hand pump has been organized in Salima district from July to December 2010.

The 28 Area Mechanics of Salima District made this study and visited 1,871 water points in total.

On this total, 1714 are equipped with a pump, and 1507 are equipped with a pump and are functioning. Consequently, the functioning rate is 88%, and 409 WP can be added to the data base of 1305 WP . Out of these 1714 WP equipped with a pump, 78 WP have a pump totally worned out, 17 WP are not working but don’t need any repairing because water is salty, and 25 WP are dry. Consequently, we should consider that the WP without pump or with a pump totally broken, which represent 12.5% of the WP, don’t need repairing, but rehabilitation. These are out of the maintenance project. It is the same for the dry water point, and for salty water point (2.4% of the WP). Then, 1594 WP are possible to be maintained in Salima district, we will deal with this figure on the project. On these 1594 WP, 1507 are functioning, which gives a functioning rate of 94.5%.

If we compare the figures of 2004 and those of 2010, as we see in the following table, we can see an improving of functioning rate of 19% for Afridev and 23% for Malda, as we can see in the following table.

These figures show the high level of efficiency of O&M projects.

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