Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Shops presentation - Tikonze Mjigo

As Tikonze Mjigo project is cooperating with Chipiku stores, these selling points are in area not covered by them. Selling points are identified in trading centres and market places. Communities can make 10km trip to reach that place (see Mchinji map with 10km circle radius). A shop must have at minimum 250 hand pumps in its catchment’s area to have a sufficient business to motivate it.
Once choosen with the help of the District and the communities, they are trained CBM1 (Community Based Management Level 1) to be able to advice the communities on spare parts.

They are provided a 10,000.00 Mk initial stock of spare parts when they signed a 2 years contracts in which they engage themselves to maintain that stock of spares and to sell it at fixed prices (controlled thorough cash receipts).

InterAide provide them way to re-supply at 2 different prices, either by being delivered at their shops, either to come to InterAide depositories. We make their follow-up at the beginning of the project, and then their motivation on the sales benefit (around 25%) is enough to make them to continue the activity. We also provide them presenting shelves, advertising posts and fliers campaigns.

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