Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Regularly, hundreds of fliers are provided to the shop owners. Distributed on market places, it has 2 faces:
- Face is to inform population about the shop existence and location, the spare-parts availability and its prices (for Afridev),
- Back provides information about Area mechanics available in the area, and an example of their rate.
Specific fliers were done for each shop.
Their cost 1 kwachas only each (6 fliers were done per page).
These fliers had a great impact on O&M Project acknowledgement in new area. Even if its impact decrease after time, regular distribution maintain link with population, in case of price or area mechanics change.
They were also given to Area mechanics, to be given straight to people when doing a quotation to certify spare parts prices.
Example of Lipili shop flier below:

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